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Warm Hearts and Wet Noses – About Us: Professional Dog and Cat Grooming Salon in Edmonton, Alberta.

Taking expert care of canine and feline companions is our passion at Warm Hearts and Wet Noses. As professional groomers in Edmonton, also servicing the Sherwood Park area, we have established a firm reputation for excellent all-around pet grooming services that has spanned over 30 years in the trade. Our team also possesses over 60 years of collective experience in taking care of a wide variety of animals, enabling us to handle your beloved pets with utmost care.

Caring Dog and Cat Salon in Edmonton
In addition to our expertise in pet grooming, Warm Hearts and Wet Noses also presents clients with a clean and secure facility. Our salon, run like a day care centre for dogs, is well-equipped and features a clean and comfortable environment further allowing them to feel completely at ease while under our care. To avoid conflict, the cats are kept separate and are normally kept kennelled. Both the dogs and cats are much happier with this precaution.

Affordable and Personalized Pet Grooming
We understand that just as pets have various personalities, their needs and care requirements likewise vary. At Warm Hearts and Wet Noses, whether your pet requires washing, a haircut, or simply nail trimming, our professional groomers will thoughtfully consider their specific needs. With this, they can easily provide your furry friends with grooming services that’s specially tailored for them.

Discover why we’re one of the most recommended dog day care and cat grooming salon in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. Schedule an appointment with Warm Hearts and Wet Noses today.

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